How to Create a stylish Sightseeing Tour For Potential Travel Clients


Tip 1: Shout your specialty.

For your destination, there could be thousands sightseeing tours available. Why should a traveler choose your tour rather than anyone else’s? As the sightseeing tour with you is unique. Make an effort to differentiate your tour and service. For instance, are you expert on local customs and tradition, in order that the sightseeing could be more fun with local interaction? You may also design themed tours like tapas tour for food lovers, creative markets visit with style, witch tour in the night, movie tour at famous shots…Shout your expertise when designing a tour.

Tip 2: Photos are inspiring.

Visual images and videos are inspiring and welcomed by most travelers. Photos create direct impression of what to expect on a tour. Because of the fast technology development, video presentations are now quite achievable. High-quality and interesting photos sometimes “lure” visitors to search for a place. However, mind that you are encouraging people to come and visit making use of their own eyes. Usually do not over present, making feel a virtual tour will do.

Tip 3: Detailed and clear introduction.

Clients can not book your sightseeing tour if basic information is missing. FindMe attends to details. Provide a clear and consistent introduction on tour length, what things to see, sightseeing itinerary, tour inclusions and exclusions, maximum amount of people in the group, special notice if any… It actually saves a tour guide’s efforts by clarifying things in advance.

Tip 4: Show your humor and wisdom!

Travel is approximately fun. In a sightseeing tour by way of a Zagreb local guide, “Exclusions: Bad tempered, no-sense of humor, it’s-just-another-tour local guides.” Isn’t it reassuring that would be an interesting tour with a lot fun? For a personal/private tour guide, people choose you instead of merely a tour. Don’t be shy to show your own characteristics.

Tip 5: Listen to your clients and keep improving your sightseeing tours.

Feedback is great to have. It justifies the hard work of a tour guide. It passes on the words as testimonials. Moreover, it helps to boost. While afterward feedback could be less attainable, you can listen to your clients through the tour. See what they rose with interest. Could it be applied to the tour for a better experience? Keep improving and updating your sightseeing tour.

Happy Exploring!

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