Is your TikTok Shop in shape?


Shop health is how we measure a seller’s shop performance on TikTok Shop UK ​

How do I check mine?​

Visit your seller center and under account health you’ll see your shop health page, where you’ll be presented with a breakdown of your performance when assessed against our requirements.​

How will I be assessed?​

Your shop performance criteria is broken down into 4 different areas: ​

  1. Policy Compliance – This rates how well your shop performs according to our policies and guidelines​
  2. Order Fulfilment – This measures if orders are successfully sent and received in a timely manner​
  3. Service Metrics – This metric covers negative reviews relating to product quality and customer service to the number of orders cancelled by the seller ​
  4. Risk Control – This relates to the number of violations issued to your shop ​

You’ll see your rating under each metric and the target. If you want to view real-time or historical metrics, just click ‘view details’ to get a detailed breakdown.​

How do I see how well I’m doing? ​

You’ll see the risk chart at the top of the shop health page which ranges from low risk, meaning your shop generally meets our requirements, to severe risk, which means your shop has gained some serious violations that really should be addressed.​

What happens if my shop health is at high risk?​

Well, this could mean you won’t be able to participate in promotions or collaborate with creators through our affiliate program and if the chart reaches severe levels, your shop may be removed.​

How do I stay healthy?​

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! here’s 5 top tips on how to stay healthy!​

  1. Upload TikTok Shop approved products only​
  2. Review our product listing guidelines​
  3. Fulfil orders with approved carriers & on time​
  4. Give good customer service​
  5. Appeal any unfair violations

Learn More about tiktok seller shop in good shape here

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